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Get 5-Star Google Reviews from Residents... On Repeat

by asking on Move-In Day,

when your apartments are 5-Star ready.

Are you struggling to have a
4.0 star rating or better at your property?

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Did you know apartment communities

built before 2009

have, on average, 3x the number of negative online reviews, because they receive 3x the number of maintenance requests?



  • The resident's A/C is not working properly

  • Plumbing issues are occurring in the kitchen or bath

  • Amenity areas like the pool and fitness center need more frequent repairs

Accepting mediocre reviews is tough
you know you’re doing your job well.

So... what is the key to getting consistent
5-star Google reviews at your property?

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The key is ASKING at the BEST time possible - when everything is in your favor - and that's on...



  • Good Moods  |  Your new residents are happy and excited to move-in!

  • An A+ Apartment  |  Maintenance has made their new apartment 5-star market ready!

  • Friendly & Helpful Vibes  |  Your office team has made an amazing first impression!

Google Reviews Service

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With our service, residents are asked to leave an online review at the most impactful time, on move-in day.  We combine the elements of your Move-In Inspection Form with our "Give-Give" Program to create an effective solution of getting amazing 5-star reviews.

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Here's a Sample Move-In Inspection Form with our "Give-Give" Program added:

NEW SAMPLE (side by side).jpg

Our "Give-Give" program is an effective, feel-good service of thanking your residents for giving an online Google review, with a free $10 charitable donation.

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Here's an example of "How It Works" on-site at your community: 


“Suzy is excited and ready for move-in day! She signs her lease, and receives her move-in inspection form. As she walks through her beautiful new apartment, she fills out her M/I form. At the bottom, she sees where she gets a free $10 donation to The Humane Society, just for leaving an online review. She thinks... "Wow, how sweet is that?!" Suzy scans the QR code and fills in her info. When she clicks “submit” your property’s Google reviews box pops right up. Suzy clicks 5-stars and is ready to start settling into her new home!”


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Here's What to Do:


Create Your Custom Inspection Form

Get started HERE, by sending us details about your property. We'll use this information to create a custom move-in inspection form for you.


We'll Add Our

"Give-Give" Program

Next, we will add our effective "Give-Give" program to the move-in inspection form. We’ll get these new forms back to you ASAP,  so you’re ready to roll!


Get 5-Star Reviews

... On Repeat

Lastly, your office team hands out these inspection forms to new residents, just like you do now... and that's it!  You're ready to get more 5-star Google reviews!

More Good News

This keeps getting easier...

  • It's fast & easy to get started, with no training required. 

  • There's no bugging your residents with even more texts and emails.

  • There's no bugging your on-site team with having to learn a new technology or software.

  • It's easy to budget, with no recurring monthly payments or additional fees.


With 90% of people reading Google reviews before making a leasing decision, it's important to be mindful of lower ratings (under 4 out of 5) that can keep prospective residents from even touring your property. 

Remember, the more recent the review, the more weight it carries — so it’s time to try something new.

Everything You Need to Get More 5-Star Reviews for Only $795/year!

Why Us?  Why Now?

As former property managers and marketers with 20+ years of on-site experience, we’ve been there and we know that dealing with residents is not always easy. 


At Rave Resident Reviews, we’ve developed a fast and effective solution that gets you 5-star reviews you can brag about to your boss, your prospective residents and to the UPS guy —yes, they’ll be that awesome.

We provide an effortless process for residents to give positive feedback— in the right way and at the right time— so your online reviews start improving. 

And why now? Because it’s time.

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Let’s Get You 5-Stars — On Repeat.

Our “5 minutes to 5-stars” plan is an effortless and feel-good solution for both you and your residents. You win the rating; they win for charity.  Spend 5 minutes getting us your property details, and we’ll take it from there. 


We’ll create a custom move-in inspection form for you, so that residents can swiftly provide feedback and enjoy gifting to The Humane Society as a thank you for taking the time.


Because we connect with your residents at the right moment in time —  your property's positive feedback will soar. And most residents say that they would definitely post an

online review if asked. 



We know that the quality and quantity of your reviews are key factors for long-term success. 


So you need MORE reviews and BETTER reviews. 


And Rave Resident Reviews gets you both. 


Start increasing trust in your property with a boost in recent 5-star reviews so that you can attract more prospects and sign more leases. Your boss will be thrilled. Job well done. 

When I first heard about Rave Resident Reviews, I was a little hesitant, but wow — have they delivered. We have gotten more 5-Star reviews than I ever expected, and I literally didn't need to change anything I was doing.
I recommend Rave Resident Reviews to any property manager. The process is affordable, easy…and most importantly, it works.  Send in
your move-in form now — you will not regret it.

- James B.

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Learn Via Video
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FAQ's   You Ask, We Answer

B / How much does it cost? 

It's an annual fee of $795.  Better reviews for life. 

C / Can I just scan and email my move-in inspection form? 

You can scan, email, snail mail, or Pony Express if you can find it. Just get us your form. Please.

D / We do reputation management. Isn’t that enough? 

Ummm, not really.  Isn’t it better to get a fresh 5-star review than to explain away the bad ones?  We think so.

E / Will you make sure it’s working? 

Yes, we will monitor your online reviews and ratings to make sure you are trending up to 5 stars.  And we will celebrate when you get there.

F / Does it really take 5 minutes? 

Yes, really.  Just send us your current move-in inspection form once — and your work is done!  We'll upgrade it with our charity of choice section, send it back, and you'll see the 5-star reviews start rolling in!

Are You Ready?


So if you’re ready to upgrade from the cycle of stressful reputation management and start seeing the quality and quantity of your online reviews improve, Rave Resident Reviews is ready to help.

Send us your move-in inspection form, and in the meantime, download the

Top 5 Reasons That Properties Get Bad Reviews — And Yes, They’re Out of Your Control. 

It’s a good read to get you through those moments of review frustration that are about to be in the rear view mirror!

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